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 Clothespin of the world including Japan and China, etc.


 ① The manufacturing technique developed 50 years ago is still used as it is.

 ② The spring is exposed to the outside, so it is apt to be rust and dirty, causing the laundry dirty. Also, in case a child takes a clothespin whose spring is exposed to his/her mouth, he/she may suffer damage.  

 ③ Because 3 parts are connected and assembled, it threatens to be easily damaged.

 ④ It is vulnerable to sunlight because the thickness of the body is thin, and the use period is forced to become short, so that wastes are to increase, environment being polluted. 


 "H" five-joint structure clothespin developed by our company


 ① Only we use manufacturing technique of "Hand" five-joint structure developed by us first in the world.

 ② Its body has a built-in steel spring, so that it can be cleanly used without gathering rust.

 ③ Because its body is manufactured in all-in-one type, it is sturdy and difficult to break and can be used for a long time. 

 ④ The body is thick, environment-friendly and highly resistant to sunlight, and can be used for a long time.

 ⑤ The manufacturing technique of this clothespin made using Hand five-joint structure got a patent in Korea and has applied for PCT international patent.  



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